How To Prep Ground For A Shipping Container

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Shipping container ground preparation is an important exercise to engage in before your shipping container can be delivered. The site must be level and free from debris. If the site is not properly prepared, the result could be damage to the landscape, damage to the shipping container, and even damage to the items being kept in the shipping container. Here’s what you need to know about site prep for a shipping container.

How To Prep Ground For A Shipping Container

1. Choose the right location.

Will you be accessing your shipping container daily? If so, choose a location where you can reach the shipping container easily when you need to. Consider the path you’ll be walking to reach your shipping container, and whether reaching the shipping container will work out well for you. Consider which direction for the doors to face.

If it will take longer to reach the shipping container than you would like, consider other locations that will be easier for you to reach. Do you think you’ll need to install another shipping container over time? If so, choose a location where there is enough space for your second shipping container.

2. Clear the area of debris.

Look for obstructions like tree branches, power cables, garbage or even temporary structures that could prevent you from putting the shipping container in place. Remember that your shipping container will need more than just a safe spot to sit: it will also need a safe way to get there. Check the route that the delivery truck will take, and clear the route to ensure there is access for the truck.

3. Know the soil type and how to prepare the soil.

Different soil types respond to shipping containers differently. Clay soil, for example, provides more support for your shipping container than a soft soil like sand. If your soil type doesn’t support the shipping container, you may need to lay a foundation for the container to ensure that the container will remain level.

4. Survey the land for slope.

Sloping land is a problem for your shipping container. If the land is sloping, your shipping container may end up sinking. It’s also important to think about the contents of your shipping container. If the contents need to remain level, it’s very important to ensure that your container is properly leveled. You can either get a surveyor for this or use an actual level to find out the slope of the ground where the container will be installed.

5. Create level ground, and put supports in place.

Level the ground to ensure that it is flat, as described above. Given the size of the area that you’ll be leveling, use an excavator and compactor, if you can. When this is done, you can put down any blocks, supports or reinforcing steel that the shipping container will rest on. There are several different types of foundations. Concrete blocks are not recommended because they may degrade quickly. Railroad ties and solid steel ties work well.

If the container is going to be placed on a solid paved/ concrete ground…We sell Container Levelers and Casters that can be locked into the bottom corner castings of the container so the container can easily be maneuvered without having to pick it up again with a fork lift or loader.

If the shipping container you’re having delivered is going to be in place long term, you’ll need a more heavy-duty foundation. Talk to a contractor about getting pile foundations for your container, or concrete piers. It’s important to hire a contractor who will ensure that piles are securely in place.

If the surface you would like your shipping container to sit on is paved and level, blocks or supports are not necessary. Put the supports in place before the shipping container will be delivered.

Pro-tip to level your supports: put your blocks or supports in place, then stretch a board from one support to another. Check the board with a level to ensure the space between the two supports is level. If the space is not level, use an excavating machine again to level.

Contact the experts for shipping container site preparation.
To find out more, contact the shipping container delivery service ahead of the shipment. Your shipping container delivery service will be able to let you know what important ground preparation for shipping container delivery things need to be done.